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Bonanza – The Visual Language of Finance



Interested in learning more about Finance? Attend the visual Financial Acumen virtual course exclusively for SACC members!

“Learn to Love the Numbers” with a 60 minute live virtual financial class from SACC SF Corporate Members, Bonanza. Join us for 60 minutes on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Take the chance and visually learn about what the Balance Sheet and Income Statement are really telling us.  The visuals bring clarity & fun to an often complex subject and improves financial understanding, which leads to better decisions and more effective conversations. 

All businesses and organizations consist of people…. and it’s the results of what these people do that define the group’s success. The right people, who focus on the right things, will deliver the right numbers. However, to be able to do the right things, these individuals need to understand how their actions or non-actions influence the organization’s financial outcomes.

It’s often here where problems start…

Most think that financial reports and ratios are produced only for the financial people. So, where does that leave the non-financial people (e.g., Sales, Sourcing, Managers, & Leaders)? The problem is that the financial information available doesn’t provide much value to these important people, because finance is for the most part, a foreign language to them. These critical employees end up making business decisions with incomplete information, which could result in missing valuable opportunities or even worse, hurt the organization. Bonanza is dedicated to making finance work for everyone and we do this with our Visual Language of Finance. We believe that by understanding finance, better decisions can be made, as well as, more robust conversations can take place that will benefit the customer, the company, and the employees.

Virtual schedule:

-October 20  10:00am Pacific

-October 22  10:00am Pacific

-November 10  10:00am Pacific

-November 12  10:00am Pacific

“Their teaching method is simple yet powerful and works whatever your background is. This is where they add value, in my opinion.” -Peter Uddfors, President, Eltel Fixed Telecom


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