Gemometrics is a reward-winning company for their product GemPen® and our newest member in the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. GemPen® is a powerful portable tool for today’s jewelers and gemmologists to screen diamonds, rubies, sapphires for synthetics and treatments. 

Gemometrics AB is looking for a potential new distributor in the United States and is already located in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Spain, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. Gemometrics AB is based in the northern part of Sweden where it is dark in the winter and light all summer, Luleå is Sweden’s high-tech and innovation hub. The founder of GemPen®is Torbjörn Lindwall. He has identified and valued gems and jewelry for companies, authorities, and private clients for more than 20 years. Aside from his prominent business, Torbjörn is also a researcher advisor at the Luleå University of Technology and an instructor at London-based Gem-A (Gemmological Association of Great Britain) to grow up and coming capacities and talent in the field.

“The financial risk that buyers of gemstones are faced with is prominent and affects the whole market.” 

What is a GemPen®?

The initial idea for GemPen® grew from the increasing insecurity in validating gemstones. 

The GemPen Diamond Screener is priced at €2,050 ($2,419). GemPen® is a powerful portable gemmological instrument to help professional users evaluate gems for their true value and to assure the safe trade of gems throughout the whole supply chain from mine to the end client. It can screen hundreds of gems in a matter of minutes and regardless of size by using the Xenon UV screening tool and an exceptional instrument for jewelers and gemologists and works for rough, polished, and mounted gems. GemPen® Premium is a higher end product with additional filters and sells for €2,500 ($2,949). The premium version is marketed toward gemologists as more knowledge is needed to get indications on sapphires and rubies. The GemPen® Diamond Screener can be used by anyone and useful for jewelers, auction house gemmologists and diamond traders who need to make quick decisions on-the-go. 

“GemPen® is an outstanding portable diamond screening instrument and has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2019, with their first product on the market”

Many pieces of jewelry often market with trusted and reputable names and long and as importantly sell diamonds with an independent grading report from US-based labs including the GIA, AGS, and Forevermark, allowing you to shop with complete confidence. However, on the current market there is a need for a transportable instrument with high quality and an acceptable price range. A simple way to test a stone to see whether or not it is a diamond is to purchase a relatively cheap diamond tester. The concerns with cheap diamond tester is it holds a low quality while higher-end diamond testers are being very expensive. This is where the GemPen® stands out on the market by providing high-quality results in small dimension, easy to travel with and carry to places for an upright price. 

San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles are cities in the United States with the most jewelry stores where there is a big market for jewelry districts and a need to assure secure purchases. 

Imagine if all jewelry places had a GemPen®how much more comfortable the client and customer would be to be assured of the quality of their purchase. Gemometrics is ready to enter the market in the United States. If you are interested to get in contact with Gemometrics please visit their website or email them for more information.

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Gemometrics AB