The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco & Silicon Valley had the pleasure to hold a webinar with the Swedish Journalist Lars Borgenäs on November 29, 2020. Lars Borgenäs has many years of expertise covering the case about the mysterious killing of Olof Palme, the Swedish prime minister was shot in the back by an unknown assailant in Stockholm on February 28 in 1986. 

Lars Borgnäs realized his book” Palme’s Sista Steg” (The Last Steps of Palme) on February 13, 2020, which held the foundation to the discussion. The book explains a theory to the officially accepted and blatantly points out the police’s mistakes and critical facts to the prosecutor’s official theory.

“It was a cold winter night in Stockholm in 1986, a 59 years old man was walking home with his wife after seeing a movie. It was after 11 pm they were making their way back to the metro station to go home. In the webinar, Borgenäs shows photos of the crime scene from his book and shares in-depth theory about the shooter’s motive and the objective by gun firing two shots, the first touching Palme’s wife and the second killing Palme.” 

Palme was Sweden’s most controversial person, both loved and disliked with strong enemies internationally and nationally from his involvement in many dangerous dispositions. He had a powerful voice in international affairs criticizing the US and the Soviet Union. Many high-ranking people within the Swedish police, such as Säpo and the military, saw him as a threat and a traitor of the homeland. 

The aftermath of the tragic night has led to one of the most significant criminal investigations in history and resulted in documents and testimonies. The event of the prime minister’s passing shooked Sweden. Governments in Sweden after Palme’s passing did no more try to establish fundamental changes in the world, they bothered instead regarding what normal governments bothered about, things that concerned internal problems and their neighbors. Sweden became a more normal country and a beginning open Swedish society. 

With the assassination of Olof Palme’s death, on February 28, the chamber wants to recognize this momentous singular event and period of Swedish History and politics of the twenty century. With this in mind, you can now watch the recording from the webinar with Lars Borgnäs on YouTube:

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Malin Lindholm
Communication & Brand Management