With seamless access to an international network, advanced business services and high-profile events, we take care of businesses in the Bay Area!

Founded in 1948, The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco & Silicon Valley has a long and proud history as the leading facilitator of transatlantic trade and knowledge sharing between Sweden and Northern California. We are a dynamic business organization serving as a gateway for companies and professionals interested in the Bay Area and Swedish business environments. We provide crucial business services to Swedish and American companies and professionals, produce a number of high-profile networking events throughout the year and bring valuable opportunities to our members and their ventures.

By leveraging its vast network, its impeccable reputation and over 70 years of experience, SACC-SF/SV is well-positioned to help facilitate a venture of any size and complexity.



SACC-SF/SV has an extensive and impressive network which includes cutting edge tech startups, business accelerators, venture capitalists and private investors, CEOs and founders of industry leading companies, executive search firms, investment banks, law firms, real estate, insurance and communication agencies. In addition, we provide access to an international network of chambers of commerce and business associations.

The Chamber partnerships ensures participation in the Swedish-American business community, as well as SACC-SF/SV’s networks in the Bay Area and in Sweden. This participation provides an excellent opportunity for your company to advertise products and services, build valuable connections and take part in the latest trends — enabling your company to position itself at the forefront of the Bay Area and Swedish business markets.

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Business Services

SACC-SF/SV offers a range of fee based business services that deliver multiple, measurable benefits for companies and professionals. We target and arrange meetings with investors, potential partners and consultants. We research trends and global developments within various industries, ensuring that we are always providing our members and clients with up-to-date information and advice. Through our trade missions, we connect companies on both sides of the Atlantic for a mutually beneficial collaborative exchange.

The Chamber’s business services distinguish us as a leader in knowledge sharing, referrals and consulting services to Swedish business seeking to establish a US presence, and US business interested in the Swedish business environment. Our longstanding presence and reputation in the Bay Area and our close connection with Sweden, gives us a unique understanding of the local business environment and ample connections at all levels within key local industries and sectors in both regions. This makes us the perfect partner when pursuing business opportunities in the Bay Area and in Sweden.

✔ Business Matchmaking
✔ Market Research
 Trade Missions
 Event Planning
 Advertising Opportunities


SACC-SF/SV hosts a variety of events throughout the year at exclusive and sophisticated venues with engaging high-profile speakers discussing the latest business trends. All events have the common purpose of creating and augmenting business opportunities for Swedish and American companies and strengthening Swedish-American business relations. Our events provide considerable networking opportunities and the chance to increase your company’s visibility, and they enable the exchange of insights into effectively advancing your career and ventures amidst dynamic market challenges. Event sponsorships provide a great way for companies to showcase their products and services at high-profile events.

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