This past year, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) became a top priority for companies and organizations. Hardline evidence demonstrates the positives that stem from a diverse workplace, especially with regards to gender expression. Despite the growing body of evidence, Women are still grossly underrepresented on the boards of technology companies– changing that convention is at the core’s mission. serves as an intermediary between accomplished female operating executives and technology Board opportunities. Using a streamlined, curated process, their work invigorates the Boards of Technology companies with women and diversity. 

The need to put Women on executive Boards is pressing now more than ever since California Senate Bill 826 became law in 2018. The law requires  all publicly-held domestic or foreign corporations who have principal executive offices located in California to have at least one female board director by December 31, 2019, either by filling an open seat or by adding a seat. By December 31, 2021 these companies must have two or three women directors, depending upon the size of the public company’s board.  

Founder Rita Scroggin, quoted in a PRWeb article earlier this year, believes that diversifying company boards and leadership teams will be one of the biggest transformative energies to make the world a more equal and just place. 

The cohort is an outstanding group of accomplished female executives in technology, working together to increase the representation of women on boards, and at the highest level of corporate governance and management. These women have been in key operating roles at Startups and public tech companies and their members have been driving scale resulting in million dollar exits and IPOs for companies like Github, Fireeye, Yubico, Ariba, Pivotal Software, Salesforce, Jasper and many more.

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