Nils Welin, founder and CEO, ProGuard Security Services

ProGuard Security Services provides personalized and professional security services to San Francisco Bay Area buildings and facilities. In just four years, Nils Welin has taken the company from 0 to 300 employees and ProGuard is now a premier provider of quality security solutions for a range of vertical markets such as cultural properties, medical facilities, corporate campuses, educational institutes, assisted living, transportation authorities, and residential communities.

Having run another security company for twelve years, a company he brought from 10 to 1,000 employees, it is fair to say that Nils Welin has extensive experience not only in the Security Industry, but in the business of running businesses. Additionally, he has built successful companies in other industries, such as retail, consumer debt collection, and wireless communication.

As a serial entrepreneur, Nils Welin has learned what it takes for a business to be successful. His philosophies have guided him through the creation of several companies.

When building a company, it is my philosophy to build it scalable from the start. Having 2 or 200 employees should not change how service is delivered.

Nils Welin

One as obvious as important aspect of becoming successful is meeting the clients’ needs. For ProGuard Security Services, this means customizing the company’s security programs for each client.

The uniqueness in our clients’ security needs requires that we are equally unique in our approach, creating the best security solution for each and every one of them.

Nils Welin

The customization of the security program starts with an in-depth and detailed security threat assessment completed by ProGuard’s trained professionals. Decisions are made with the support of underlying data and statistics, but the relationship developed between the client and the company’s professionals, is just as important in order to ensure that the clients’ goals and objectives are met on a daily basis.

Our commitment and focus on the development of our employees to their fullest potential set us apart in the industry. One must never lose sight of the human aspect of the business.

Nils Welin

With his knowledge of entrepreneurship, strategic planning, leadership, sales and marketing, Nils Welin is a great asset to the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce’s network. If you want some advice on how to successfully start and develop companies in the US, please feel free to reach out to him at