Robert Strand, the Executive Director at the Center for Responsible Business and a Lecturer at the Berkeley Haas School of Business, and upcoming Author of ”Sustainable Vikings.”

We at SACC SF-SV are pleased to welcome our latest collaboration partner, Robert Strand. His latest research and teaching compares U.S. and Nordic approaches to sustainable business and he has more recently turned focus to contrast how capitalism manifests in U.S. and Nordic contexts. Currently, Robert is working on his book, “Sustainable Vikings,” and is spearheading the inauguration of The Nordic Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

The establishment of The Nordic Center will facilitate a vibrant connection between the Nordics and UC Berkeley. This interdisciplinary hub will foster groundbreaking dialogue, support exchanges, spark research, enable shared understandings, inform policies and practices, and further elevate the profile and global interest in the Nordics.

The Nordic region demonstrates among the highest levels of prosperity, democracy, equality, and sustainability performances in the world. UC Berkeley is a public university with unmatched capacity to bring world class researchers from virtually every field of inquiry and it is one of the last U.S. universities with a dedicated Scandinavian Department. The Nordic Center will serve as a platform for inquiry into Nordic experiences – assessing past, present, and future successes and challenges alike. 

The collaboration between Robert, UC Berkeley, and SACC serves to present a vibrant suite of possibilities for all. Our newest intern, Ella Boyce, is a student at UC Berkeley and works under Robert’s mentorship at Berkeley Haas’ Center for Responsible Business. Ella is our first American Intern and is an example of the fruitful, mutually beneficial possibilities for collaborations between UC Berkeley and SACC – USA.

Sustainable Vikings

Read the latest draft of Robert Strand’s book in progress, ”Sustainable Vikings”, through the link button below.