It is great news that Swedish law firms now are looking outside of Sweden to see where the action is, it is obviously in Silicon Valley. Synch, one of the fastest growing law firms in the Nordics, is the first Swedish law firm to establish itself in the San Francisco area. It is a pleasure for us to present our newest partner and a law firm with a real go-ahead spirit; SYNCH.

Synch is a law firm with a niche within technology and digital business and biotechnology. They strive to be the leading law firm in the Nordics within these areas. And also to be one of the brightest shining stars in implementing technology to law. Since the summer of 2017 SYNCH hired SACC-SF/SV’s executive Malin Verga to be Head of Palo Alto office and opening their office in Silicon Valley.

The story of SYNCH is short but successful, they are a young law firm, with only 4 years since founded, and they have had a huge success. They have opened offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Silicon Valley. In 2016 they had a revenue growth of nearly 50%. They have also been shortlisted in the Financial Times as one of the most innovative law firms in Europe. This is interesting hence the founders Sara Sparring, Andreas Börjesson, Johan Tydén and Jim Runsten – were inspired by how US business lawyers work with the Silicon Valley-based innovation companies.

“We liked the different way of working and the strong focus on fast-growing companies. We decided to take the model here to the Nordics and adapt it to the local conditions. This strategy has exceeded our expectations”, said Synch’s CEO Jim Runsten.

At the same time as SYNCH becomes a partner with SACC-SF/SV, Malin Verga becomes a part of SACC-SF/SV’s board. Malin has previously been involved in the executive team, but also managed the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Detroit while living there. Now she is Head of Palo Alto office for SYNCH and located here in Silicon Valley.

“The most inspiring feature of working in Silicon Valley is that it is a region filled with innovation, drive, and passion. It is also a unique place where the eco-system involving universities, corporations, organizations and startups interact and work together.”

SYNCH’s together with SACC-SF/SV’s mission is now to help Nordic companies that want to expand to the US and Silicon Valley to get a “soft landing” in the region. Synch will help companies to Synchs partnership with us at SACC-SF/SV is a strive to extend the network.

“I will focus on developing SYNCH’s network here and help Nordic startups and companies to navigate through the Silicon Valley eco-system here. I will also reach out and help American companies and investors with an interest in the Nordic market or in Nordic companies and help them to get in touch with the right people and representatives.”

At SACC-SF/SV we are proud to have SYNCH as our members and friends and look forward helping them in helping Swedish business and trade.

If you need to get in touch with SYNCH here in Silicon Valley, send an email or call Malin Verga;

Head of Palo Alto Office

+1 313 775 6922