Swedish Denise Person, long time CMO at Snowflake, has been honored as an extraordinary marketer at a ceremony in New York. She is one of 15 women that this year will join the DMN Marketing Hall of Femme.

Since the inception of the DMN Marketing Hall of Femme, nearly 100 phenomenal female marketers have been recognized for being marketers who have taken risks, pushed limits, and achieved standouts success in their marketing careers. One of the 15 new members 2019 is Denise Person, long time CMO at Snowflakes Computing based in San Mateo and the Chairwoman of SACCs Board of directors in San Francisco/ Silicon Valley.

Denise Person said that she is very happy about the recognition.

And I am honored to be part of such a competent group of marketers.

The rapid growth of Snowflake, the valuation of the company tripled over the last 12 months, was on thing that caught the attention of the jury at DMN.

Accountability and value are becoming an even larger part of the marketer’s role in our industry, said Chris Wood Associate Editor, DMN.

But it is not only about the numbers.

Denise has applied her innovative thinking to nontraditional campaigns and brand initiatives her entire career, creating out-of-the-box solutions for clients, with a broad repertoire that extends all the way from media outreach to sales conversions. 

Denise Person is also, according to Chris Wood, well known for her fearlessness and risk-taking.

And most importantly, Denise is seen as an empowering leader with a knack for hiring and nurturing amazing talents.

The Hall of Femme honorees 2019 was welcomed and toasted by colleagues during a ceremony at SAP Next-Gen Innovation Space in New York City on May 16.

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The Hall of Femme honorees 2019: https://www.marketinghalloffemme.com/2019-honorees