According to co-founder and CEO, Jenny Sagström, Sköna is a full-service creative shop. “And when we say full-service, we mean just that.” 

Sköna, an agency based in San Francisco and in Stockholm, works with high tech clients, most of them B2B. The focus is on extending their clients’ marketing departments and help them scale.

“We understand the challenges of B2B advertising, and we solve them by operating as a traditional B2C agency, but inside the B2B sphere. We have worked with over 60 B2B tech brands, so our experience and knowledge run very deep,” said Jenny Sagström.

She founded Sköna in San Francisco in 2003, together with the Creative Director Scott Springer. The two had met at a local advertising agency and knew from the start that they one day wanted to create an agency of their own. A different kind of agency. An agency where egos were left at the door, without hierarchy to slow them down or kill good ideas.

“Because we knew from the very beginning that a good idea can come from the unlikeliest of sources, it was our vision to create an environment that encouraged that freedom of thought,” said Jenny Sagström.

The duo created a, typically Swedish, flat organizational structure and a unique model of functional, Scandinavian-inspired design with a focus on data-driven marketing and measurable growth. This combination proved, according to Jenny Sagström, to be so successful in Silicon Valley that they decided to take the concept back to Sweden and open an office in Stockholm.

“We saw a need in the Scandinavian market to do marketing and advertising and help Scandinavian companies scale the same way we do here in Silicon Valley.”

Today, Sköna has 20 employees in San Francisco and five in Stockholm.

Every day, we get inspired by the idea of helping high tech companies become brave brands.” Jenny Sagström