SAS is flying from New York to Scandinavia once a day, and there are still some other options for Swedish citizens to travel to Europe.

It is getting more difficult for Swedes in the U.S. to travel back to Sweden, due to the coronavirus outbreak.
“At the moment, we are flying once a day from Newark in New York to Scandinavia,” said Freja Annamatz, Head of Media Relations at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).
Starting next week, SAS plans to reduce the number of flights even further, and all flights with SAS directly from the West Coast have already been canceled.
There are, however, still possible to fly to Europe with some other airlines from the U.S., please see the list below. According to the Swedish Embassy, transfer at other European destinations to Sweden is currently not causing any problems.
“There was a problem in Copenhagen, but we talked with Denmark and were told that the problem is solved”, said Cecilia Lif, counselor at the Embassy of Sweden in Washington.
The waiting time at SAS call centers is reported to be extraordinarily long, and the airline recommends passengers to only call if their booked flight departs within the next three days. Other airlines have similar recommendations.

Writer: Margaretha Levander

Flights to Europe*

3/25/20AtlantaVirgin AtlanticLHRVS104
3/25/20AtlantaDelta AirlinesAmsterdamDL72
3/25/20AtlantaDelta AirlinesLHRDL30
3/25/20BostonBritish AirwaysLHRBA212
3/25/20Chicago ORDLufthansaFrancfortLH431
3/25/20Chicago ORDIberiaMadridIB6274
3/25/20Chicago ORDBritish AirwaysLHRBA294
3/25/20Dallas DFWAmerican AirlinesLHRAA50
3/25/20Dallas DFWAmerican AirlinesLHRAA78
3/25/20DetroitDelta AirlinesAmsterdamDL134
3/25/20Los Angeles LAXVirgin AtlanticLHRVS24
3/25/20Los Angeles LAXKLMAmsterdamKL602
3/25/20Los Angeles LAXBritish AirwaysLHRBA268
3/25/20Los Angeles LAXAir FranceParis CDGAF77
3/25/20MiamiBritish AirwaysLHRBA206
3/25/20MiamiAmerican AirlinesLHRAA56
3/25/20MiamiAmerican AirlinesLHRAA38
3/25/20New York JFKVirgin AtlanticLHRVS4
3/25/20New York JFKVirgin AtlanticLHRVS46
3/25/20New York JFKKLMAmsterdamKL642
3/25/20New York JFKIberiaMadridIB6252
3/25/20New York JFKDelta AirlinesLHRDL1
3/25/20New York JFKBritish AirwaysLHRBA182
3/25/20New York JFKBritish AirwaysLHRBA176
3/25/20New York JFKAlitaliaRome FCOAZ609
3/25/20New York JFKAir FranceParis CDGAF7
3/25/20Newark EWRUnited AirlinesFrancfortUA960
3/25/20Newark EWRUnited AirlinesLHRUA16
3/25/20Newark EWRUnited AirlinesAmsterdamUA70
3/25/20Newark EWRUnited AirlinesMunichUA30
3/25/20Newark EWRUnited AirlinesBruxellesUA999
3/25/20Newark EWRSASStockholmSK904
3/25/20Newark EWRSASStockholmSK904
3/25/20San Francisco SFOUnited AirlinesFrancfortUA58
3/25/20San Francisco SFOBritish AirwaysLHRBA286
3/25/20Seattle SEABritish AirwaysLHRBA48
3/25/20Washington IADUnited AirlinesLHRUA918
3/25/20Washington IADBritish AirwaysLHRBA292
3/26/20AtlantaDelta AirlinesAmsterdamDL72
3/26/20AtlantaDelta AirlinesLHRDL30
3/26/20BostonBritish AirwaysLHRBA212
3/26/20BostonBritish AirwaysLHRBA212
3/26/20Chicago ORDAerLingusDublinEI122
3/26/20Chicago ORDIberiaMadridIB6274
3/26/20Dallas DFWAmerican AirlinesLHRAA50
3/26/20DetroitDelta AirlinesAmsterdamDL134
3/26/20Los Angeles LAXAir FranceParis CDGAF65
3/26/20Los Angeles LAXBritish AirwaysLHRBA268
3/26/20Los Angeles LAXVirgin AtlanticLHRVS24
3/26/20MiamiAmerican AirlinesLHRAA56
3/26/20MiamiAmerican AirlinesLHRAA38
3/26/20MiamiBritish AirwaysLHRBA206
3/26/20New York JFKAerLingusDublinEI104
3/26/20New York JFKBritish AirwaysLHRBA178
3/26/20New York JFKBritish AirwaysLHRBA176
3/26/20New York JFKDelta AirlinesLHRDL1
3/26/20New York JFKIberiaMadridIB6252
3/26/20New York JFKKLMAmsterdamKL642
3/26/20New York JFKVirgin AtlanticLHRVS10
3/26/20Newark EWRLufthansaFrancfortLH403
3/26/20Newark EWRSASStockholmSK904
3/26/20Newark EWRUnited AirlinesFrancfortUA960
3/26/20Newark EWRUnited AirlinesLondresUA16
3/26/20Newark EWRUnited AirlinesAmsterdamUA70
3/26/20Newark EWRUnited AirlinesMunichUA30
3/26/20Newark EWRUnited AirlinesBrusselsUA999
3/26/20San Francisco SFOBritish AirwaysLHRBA3468
3/26/20San Francisco SFOBritish AirwaysLHRBA286
3/26/20San Francisco SFOUnited AirlinesFrankfurtUA58
3/26/20Seattle SEABritish AirwaysLHRBA48
3/26/20Washington IADUnited AirlinesFrankfurtUA989
3/26/20Washington IADUnited AirlinesLHRUA918

* Changes are done quickly, so please: always check with your airline before planned departure.

Source: Swedish Embassy, Washington DC