In the spirit of Life Science, we are excited to introduce Kristian Pietras, the Swedish leading Cancer and Oncology Researcher in the Tumor Microenvironment, Mouse Models of Cancer.  

Kristian Pietras, image resource.

San Francisco is the birthplace of Biotech and Life Science, where Kristian spent 2,5 years participating in cancer and medicine research at a world-class research University. He lived and held a guest researcher position in San Francisco at the University of California San Francisco Parnassus Campus, School of Medicine. Scientists at the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center are at the forefront of immunotherapy research, racing to create more precise treatments that incorporate individual biology, tumors, and immune system response. After Kristian visited San Francisco, he became a Swedish rock star in the world of science and research by heading a study that could lead to a vaccine against breast cancer. He is honorable to be the second professor ever to be recruited to Lund University directly by the Vice-Chancellor. Medicon Village in Lund, one of the world’s foremost cancer research centers on a national scale.

We are excited to announce Bridging the Gap, our first life science event presented by Life Science Bridge (LSB). LSB is an initiative by the Swedish-American Chambers in San Diego, San Francisco/Silicon Valley, and New England – the three biggest life science clusters in the U.S. Bridging the Gap has the purpose to promote trade across borders and build bridges between different regions. This unique life science event will be held 7-8th of April on Zoom. 

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There are immense opportunities in bridging the gap between Sweden and the United States crosswise the Atlantic Ocean. Sweden receives far too little attention outside academic circles. Sweden has young researchers who are world-leading and who do fantastic things. If the bridge between Sweden and the top 3 life science clusters were more visible, what a good example that would set.

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Malin Lindholm
Communication & Brand Management