For me, the style modern classic means emphasizing space and a minimalistic approach to detail. The Scandinavian style is definitely an inspiration.”

This is how Krisjon Svanberg, Principal of Krisjon Svanberg Design in San Francisco, describes his architectural style. Krisjon Svanberg Design is a new member of SACC-SF/SV and provides modern architectural design services globally. The firm has extensive experience and practical knowledge of the architect industry.

“San Francisco is a fantastic city to work as an architect. The architecture here is unique with a lot of different architectural styles in the same neighborhood – Diversity in architecture in a beautiful setting.” 

San Francisco-born Krisjon Svanberg passion for construction runs in his veins. His grandfather came as an immigrant from Sweden to work as a carpenter in the United States. Krisjon himself started his career working for his father, a general building contractor. This gave him a hands-on experience and a practical, realistic understanding of the construction process. After a period of over ten years working as a carpenter, Krisjon made the decision to pursue a career in architecture.

Since his days as a carpenter, Krisjon has realized projects in and around the United States. He has created everything from modern Beach House in Oregon to a four-story two-unit residence in Pacific Heights, a project designed as a modern interpretation of a city townhouse. Krisjon has also executed projects like a modern tennis complex in an urban setting, which required facilities to accommodate twenty-four tennis courts as well as support amenities.

Welcome to SACC-SF/SV Krisjon Svanberg Design! We are excited to see your future projects in the San Francisco Bay Area!