Effective date: May 30, 2019


These terms and conditions provide a description of how The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco & Silicon Valley (hereinafter mentioned as “SACC-SF/SV”, “we”, ”us” or “our”) handle membership subscriptions and credit card information. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before subscribing to a membership with SACC-SF/SV.

Please note that our membership is also governed by our Privacy Policy which describes how SACC-SF/SV collect, use, disclose, transfer, store, retain or otherwise process your information.

By continuing with your membership subscription you are agreeing to these terms and conditions as well as our Privacy Policy.

Payment processor

SACC-SF/SV uses Stripe as a third party payment processor for processing credit card transactions for your membership subscription. When agreeing to these terms and conditions you also agree to Stripe’s User Terms of Service and Stripe’s Privacy Policy.

By accepting these terms and conditions you understand that you are responsible for all payments or monetary transactions that occur through your use of Stripe and that SACC-SF/SV shall not be liable for any issues regarding financial transactions between you and Stripe.

Membership subscription

By signing up for a membership with SACC-SF/SV you agree to a paid subscription plan of the membership fee amount stated at our website. You understand that our membership subscription has an initial and recurring payment feature and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to cancellation.

Your subscription will start on the date you signed up for the membership and be valid for one year before it automatically renews.

If you haven’t cancelled your subscription prior to the renewal date, your billing account will automatically be debited for the membership fee when it is time to renew your membership.

You will receive an automatic email from Stripe 7 days before your credit card is charged, as a friendly reminder that your membership will be due soon. In this way, you’ll have time to cancel your subscription if you no longer have interest in continuing your membership with SACC-SF/SV.

Your subscription is personal to you, and you may not assign or transfer your subscription to another person.

In case we change our membership fee you will be notified by email using the address associated with your subscription. You will receive the notification in time before your renewal date. Your credit card will be charged with the new membership fee at time of renewal in case you haven’t chosen to cancel your subscription before renewal date.

Termination of membership subscription

You can choose to cancel your subscription at any time during the subscription period. In that case, your subscription will continue until the end of its period and thereafter not renew. Your subscription will not be refundable for the period left after cancellation.

To cancel your membership subscription:

  1. Send an email to info@sacc-sf.org stating that you would like to end your subscription. Provide SACC-SF/SV with your first and last name.
  2. SACC-SF/SV will manually cancel your subscription in Stripe
  3. SACC-SF/SV will send you a confirmation email about the cancellation

We may terminate your subscription at our discretion without notice in case of violation of these Terms and/or Privacy Policy.

Credit card information

By agreeing to these terms, you warrant that the provided payment information is accurate and that you are authorized to use the payment method you provided.

In case your credit card is about to expire Stripe will automatically send you an email notification one month before expiration date on how to update your credit card. In case we do not receive information about your updated credit card and are unable to charge your credit card within 3 weeks after your membership is due, your membership will automatically be cancelled and you will no longer be a member of SACC-SF/SV.

We reserve the right to utilize third party credit card updating services to obtain current expiration dates on credit cards.


All communication regarding your subscription will mainly be through email with info@sacc-sf.org. We will always try to confirm that we have received your email but by accepting these terms you agree that it is your responsibility to confirm that your questions have been addressed and answered.


Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms and conditions or about your membership subscription, please feel free to contact us by email at info@sacc-sf.org.