Our trainee program offers partner companies and organizations the opportunity to host highly qualified and bilingual trainees. With a minimum age of 21, many of the candidates have received a Bachelor or Master degree and many have gained experience and specialized skills within their field.

The trainees will bring a Swedish and European perspective to your operation. In addition to Swedish and English, many trainees possess good knowledge of one or several other languages. In the recruitment process SACC-SF/SV is working with top universities in Sweden, like The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Chalmers University of Technology and Lund University.

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce (SACC) assists host companies by:

  • Matchmaking, we will find the right candidate, based on your specific needs.
  • Making the arrangement, including application for a J-1 visa
  • Providing an introduction for the trainee
  • Providing an easy visa application process, where SACC will be the sponsor
  • Provide you with a contact person at the chamber during the internship

Benefits for the host company:

  • Qualified trainees. You can host well-educated, motivated and bilingual trainees in a training program up to 18 months.
  • International exposure.
  • Large pool of pre-screened candidates. SACC will post your position on their website and distribute it to our network in Sweden to generate applications specifically for your position.
  • Peace of mind. SACC reviews candidate applications so that you are ensured that they meet the criterias by the U.S. Department of State for the J-1 visa.
  • It is easy. SACC guides you and your trainee through the application process and assists with the necessary documentation.
  • Low cost. The host organization pay a flat fee, and a stipend to the intern equivalent to the cost of living in the host company’s location. There are no social security or Medicare taxes for a J-1 trainee.


Training PeriodSACC Fee (incl visa)
6 – 12 months4,000 usd
12- 18 months5,000 usd


The host company needs to be a partner of SACC SF/SF (https://www.sacc-sf.org).
The host company pays the the trainee a stipend equivalent to the cost of living.
Insurance and travel costs are paid by the trainee.

No hidden costs.

SACC is a non-profit organization, with the aim to unlock the full potential of Swedish-American trade and knowledge exchange.


Margaretha Levander
Co-Executive Director
+1 650 (804) 3908