NEW PARTNER. On Time Talent Solution has created a virtual marketplace, where employers are able to efficiently find the talents they need. “A resume alone is not enough to make a real connection,” says CEO Roman Olshansky.

On Time Talent Solutions has over 20 years of experience in helping employers achieve their hiring goals. 

The competitive nature of hiring today has created a demand for new innovative methods to find talents. Therefore, On Time Talent Solutions has created a virtual marketplace, where employers can find the best candidates to fill open positions in a time- and cost-efficient way.

“Our vision is to help employers and candidates make a real connection. We feel that videos – not resumes – make people recognizable to employers. We believe it helps character and personality shine through in a way that isn’t possible from a resume alone”, said Roman Olshansky, CEO.

The Virtual Talent Marketplace is not limited to a certain industry or location.

“You enter a few details about what you are looking for and the system finds a perfect match in no time,” said Karissa Borchert, Director of Strategy. 

“It’s easy and efficient for both employers and candidates.”

The employer searches the virtual talent marketplace by putting in the category of the open position, location, terms, and desired keywords. They then instantly get to “meet” qualified candidates through short video presentations. When they have picked their favorite candidates, employers can connect with them directly via calling or texting or schedule an in-person interview. 

Candidates looking for a new job can, according to Karissa Borchert, improve their chances of finding a perfect match with a top employer by sharing their video resume in the Virtual Talent Marketplace. 

“We also offer help with updating resumes and preparing for in-person interviews.”

On Time Talent Solutions originally began as a healthcare staffing agency in Minnesota. The business grew as the demand was high for jobs in other industries, including Life Sciences, Finance, IT, Marketing, and Law, and the company now work all over the U.S.