Michael Hallin

We are happy to welcome a new member to our network at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco & Silicon Valley. Michael Hallin has a long background in real estate finance and has worked as a Mortgage Banker for various banks since 2001.

In addition to doing mortgages, Michael Hallin has been involved in a number of real estate investment projects. His current position is in the Home Loan division for Wells Fargo Bank where he specializes in residential jumbo mortgages for clients with complex tax returns and business situations. 

Getting a loan to buy a house can be difficult for foreign nationals. I enjoy helping Swedish expats with that process so they don’t feel stuck renting a house if they’d rather buy one”, said Michael Hallin.

Michael Hallin knows the real estate market in San Francisco and Silicon Valley well. The region’s influx of people from all over the world makes it a perfect spot for anyone focusing on real estate in general, but even more so for those who specialize in services for foreign nationals. If you happen to need any advice in the areas of jumbo loans or investment property purchases, make sure to chat with Michael Hallin at our next event.

I look forward to networking with other members in the business but also assisting with any mortgage needs that the Chamber members might have in general”, said Michael Hallin.