Merry Christmas from NOMUSU!

Behind today's door, we are delighted to introduce you to NOMOSU (no more sugar) and their world of nutrition for longevity and culinary delights!

rn out of passion for gourmet food and optimizing health and wellbeing, NOMOSU creates honestly sugar-free, genuinely health-enhancing, naturally-sweetened treats, sourced from nature, steered by science. NOMOSU carefully considers the provenance, healthfulness, taste and ecological impact of every ingredient and combination thereof. Performing metabolic biochemistry and cell taste receptor research, NOMOSU provides award-winning, naturally sweetened treats that are neither sugar-by-another-name nor artificial sweeteners. NOMOSU uses the world's only 100% water-purified stevia extract in combination with other organic ingredients to create their organic, honestly sugar-free and award-winning delicious chocolates. 
We encourage all members to visit their shop for healthy - and truly delicious - treats for Christmas! Just click the red button for your perfect Christmas treats!