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Business Consultancy & Venture Capital

Birdzeye is a San Francisco–based agency that serves as a conduit between manufacturers and retailers through robust Sales, Acquisition, Channel Marketing, and Operational Strategies. 

We offer world-class products to consumers through strategic partnerships with all retail verticals from Independent to Mass–Market. We bring to market functional, aesthetic, and solution-based brands to meet the demands of consumers. We are driven by elegantly designed products from our past lending passion to our future brands.

Is your brand ready for a birdzeye view?

At birdzeye, we believe a brand is more than its products. Our brands embody an inspired lifestyle that compels us to be creactive [creative and active].

We provide exceptional value to our partners serving as an extension of their brand in the Americas. We represent our brands’ identity; protecting their cultural values while using our local market competence to build brand awareness.

Our business is built on our brands’ success.