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We climatic certifies companies and organizations in Sweden, the EU, US and China.

The climate is a crucial issue of the future, today decided our children and children's children's future.
All are affected by climate change, therefore, we strive to create a sustainable society by providing companies and organizations with a climate that values ​​a climate certification of their products and services.
A climate certification ensures that the company / organization working seriously with climate debate all aspects. We offer training where you get knowledge about the climate issue as part of to become a climate certified company. Climate Certification and Climate Certificate is the registered trade-marks in Sweden, the EU, US and China.

Swedish Climate Certification launching a completely new model for companies to succeed in their climate work. 
In keeping with the Paris Agreement, companies can help stop climate change by joining the Swedish Climate Certification. A climate certified company decide how they want to work on the climate issue, the company sets its goals it wants to achieve in the coming years. Depending on what the company has to focus targets will change. The company decides what priority and how it will be realized.

When the year is over, evaluate how far they have come and set new goals for the coming year.
In conjunction with the financial statements may present its work on climate change that may be part of the company's marketing. We believe that most people have a desire to prevent that we get to experience the catastrophic effects of climate change.

The companies show what you can do in the company, but also talk about what we as individuals can bring will be important. Give everyone a chance to participate in different contexts in climate work together we can prevent our children and grandchildren will experience environmental disasters that result if we do what is possible.

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