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Clara Ramshage

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Clara Ramshage
Event & Membership Services
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Clara is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in International Business & Management and is passionate about trade promotion, impact investing and project management. 

Driven by curiosity, she has a multidisciplinary academic background and previous experience from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the asset management firm Carnegie Fonder, and the energy company Göteborg Energi. With a holistic aspiration to making an impact, she has a rigorous background in several non-profit organizations besides co-founding a project within social entrepreneurship in South Africa. 

Clara is now joining the Chamber as an Event & Membership Services Intern. With a strong focus on learning, she is enthusiastic about facilitating both the development and implementation of strategic projects with a solution-oriented mindset. 

With a wide palette of interests, Clara enjoys running, writing novels, and attending social events. Growing up in Gothenburg, she has always had an urge to explore the world and is excited about the opportunity to join the team while in San Fransisco.