Event & Membership Services ​​​​​​​with Web Development

Juliana Kalling

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Juliana Kalling
Event & Membership Services ​​​​​​​
with Web Development
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Juliana is currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Design and is extra fascinated by how we utilize technology – how it influences us physically, psychologically in our own surroundings, and in the way we interconnect with others. When not diving into the world of equations, she enjoys the art of photography and would never turn down a moment to shoot some b-balls on the court!

She joined the chamber in January and is in charge of the Membership- & Event Services with Web Development. She is specifically excited about advancing the chamber’s virtual transition to the transatlantic network that facilitates a global interaction from wherever you are in the world.

The recipe that would describe Juliana would be a substantial base of curiosity, added with some pinches of extroversion. This can explain her background in different fields of industries in Stockholm, Paris and in the US.